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Introducing Myself

2009-10-20 21:03:06 by Dj-Sazzer

Yo people, my name is Dj Sazzer. I've known about Newgrounds for about 1 or 2 years now but I was never able to log in. Why? Becuase of my brother: Antonio Ward, in other words Zekuence.

To be honest I don't consider him a brother at all. He's stolen money from mom and dad, stolen beats, stolen the shit out of everything. He is a goddamn fake. A bully too, he installed some shit ass program so I couldn't enter Newgrounds, MySpace and whole bunch of other stuff.

So I finally talked with mom, and due to legal issues my brother has to face some charges by Nicky Jam and Naldo for some shit I still yet don't fully understand, but using my logic I assume its because of fraud.

In any case, he is still my brother. I'm going to keep my relationship with him distant, but one thing he really got me into was beatmaking, I love hip hop, sampling, add in some House and we're set.

Before going to a mental hospital, he told me to look up some dj's but I really can't remember the names, I think one of them was a DJ Frecuent? Or Delincuente? Or something? He told me the guy was the best and that he was sorry for being a fake.

Whatever, its my time now. I just started making beats today so don't be so harsh on me. I'm still learning how to use NewGrounds.

Bah, I'm rambling. If you see an song application in the music arena make sure to leave your reviews.

Thanks for reading.

Sazzer, out.


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2009-10-21 05:47:07