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Entry #3

Fine... I exaggerated

2009-10-23 00:52:28 by Dj-Sazzer

My brother Zekuence...

Its just too many personal problems between him and me. But now that we're living together things are changing..

He isn't as famous as he claims, but most of his tracks are the real deal. And I envy him, because I dont have his talent.

He should acknowledge thought that the majority of his tracks are collabs with the producers here in PR.

I say you guys make him give credit, but he aint a fake. He my only bro I got. Whatever.

Maybe that last post was full of envy.. I dont know. I just wanna be a smash hit here, I wanna be good at music.

...You know what? I will be good. I will earn respect.

I will.


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2009-11-16 18:38:38

hell yea fam. Thats the way to think. Some people start slower than others and others catch on quicker and advance faster. Thats just how things go, I didnt know Z was your brother. Shit. Thats cool and all but dont live in his shadow. you make a name for yourself too. Dont be known as Z's Bro. Your probly better than that. u got this fam. Keep your head up. Ima check your music out. and Critic it a bit for u if that can help. and maby if i really like one i'll drop some lyrics to it. Kool? Check my page out if u want, i'll help u get some exposure. Keep it fire to burn the bugs off. PEace!!!



2010-01-21 09:16:59

Wuts good! got a hot new track up. check it out bro. Review it.
thx fam. stay up!


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